A Better Way to Teach

Teachers Who Love to Teach

Our teachers have astounding passion and commitment for what they do. They are experts at working with students from all kinds of backgrounds and learning styles. Along with degreed experience in their academic field, they are schooled in life knowledge. 

Teachers love teaching at The Leelanau School, because they have the creative freedom to design the curriculum for their students. They can adapt to the breadth of their students’ interests and abilities. 

Leelanau’s rich supportive environment is a haven for intelligent and creative students: the bright, the talented, the inquisitive; those who feel unchallenged, restless, and anxious; and it is particularly beneficial for students with ADHD. The focus of our school program has always been based in experiential learning. We know it is a better way to learn. 

Read what teachers who love to teach say about The Leelanau School:


Laura Hood    Art Department Chair, Music Teacher:
The Leelanau School has an amazing faculty. We are all in this together and we support each other, look out for each other, have fun together, cover for each other and love each other. I get to work with some of my best friends in the world. Whenever I get the chance to observe my colleagues, I am blown away. There is so much passion for teaching and so much creativity and kindness in getting the message across. 

Rob Dymond    Campus Safety and Technology Director (and alumnus):
I feel when something is not working for our students, we have the unique ability to change gears or tactics to address the lesson or skill we want to teach from a different point of view. The ability to not follow cookie cutter directions sometimes can benefit our students vs. teaching the same skill, the same way with no alterations or adaptions to make it work for the student who is in front of the teacher. 

Barbara Zyren   Learning Skills Specialist:
Leelanau excels the most in serving it students in its ability to create a caring and nurturing community of learners. I feel this is true because from my experience of 37 years as an educator I have never seen a learning community strive to meet the students’ needs in the tireless ways Leelanau does. 

Joe Blondia    Science Teacher:
The freedom to actually teach.  2020欧洲杯在线投注Not toward a test, not with multiple choice answers, but with passion and excitement that creates interest and curiosity. The goal is not to get good at high school – but learning for the rest of a student’s life.



Anika Eisenstat   Head of House:
Giving students a fresh start. We don’t confine a student to a box based on a diagnosis or behavior rather we shape their identity that helps them find out how they can be successful with their strengths and challenges in the world. Works best when the student and their family trust us to push them outside of their comfort zone and allow us/student to be in control.

Jay Meyers   Math Teacher:
We have the ability to work with each student individually on a daily basis. This makes us more successful with our overall success rate. 

Jen Parker   Registrar and Administrative Assistant:
2020欧洲杯在线投注Listening and communication. We work with them through any struggle they may have and figure out a plan to resolve it.

Graydon Mitchell   former Director of Admissions:
2020欧洲杯在线投注I think Leelanau reinforces that education in boarding schools teaches students about routines in life… and it provides a support structure and prepares students for the challenges they will face as adults. I think that a boarding school education is not just about academics… but equally important it’s also about character building in students via the culture of the school’s mission and its leadership. It imparts life skills and prepares students for leadership roles, both here and beyond. I think that in the boarding school world, we emphasize the fact that students live out values like confidence, humility, resilience, courage, kindness, determination, and hard work, and students may not receive that focus in more traditional schools.

Brenda Wells   Maintenance and Housekeeping:
I believe the staff does an awesome of interaction with the students , I think the students feel they can come and talk to anyone on campus and they will be heard.

Becca Dymond   Academic Coordinator, Learning Skills Department Chair, and Learning Skills Specialist: 
I think we honor each student’s story and potential. We don’t try to measure or dictate that potential, but we try to alleviate obstacles to their growth as learners and community members. 

Lynne Brach   Food Serviced Director:
The team approach to problem solving. I watch the teaching faculty, res life, health services and administration all work together to find the best solutions and opportunities for the student to excel. 

Bruce Hood    Science and Math Department Chair, Science Teacher, Ceramics Teacher:
I feel we offer unprecedented opportunities for students to connect with staff members in ways that are unavailable at other institutions. We provide individualized attention in some core areas, especially math and English. In these areas we accommodate gaps and remediation, acceleration and enhancement of the curriculum. 

Spencer Seaman   House Parent, Weekend Activities Coordinator:
Teachers are able to have more one-on-one time with students, inside and outside the classroom. We get to know the student better and it helps build stronger relationships and rapport with students.

Laura Hood    Art Department Chair, Music Teacher:
We are an accepting community. For some of the students, this is the first time they have had a real friend. This is the first time they have ever felt that an adult really cares about them and their successes. We really love the kids for who they are; all of their quirks and little oddities. And I think the students can feel this and begin to feel the same way about one another. 

Amie Lipscomb   House Parent, English Teacher:
We have the staff and the time to treat students as individuals instead of numbers, to learn their strengths so we can build upon them to shrink or make irrelevant their weaknesses, to teach them as a whole person instead of an educational product. 

Kim Speicher    Spanish Teacher:
I feel that the Leelanau School accepts that every student is unique and all of the staff works together to make sure that each student is offered the opportunity to pursue their passions. The dedicated staff often changes a student’s opinion about subjects they “hated”. Through a variety of techniques I often hear students remark, “I can do math!”. Finding success in an area that was difficult for them is exciting.

Elizabeth Blondia   Humanities Department Chair, English and History Teacher:
Making students feel that they are an integral part of their own learning experience. We find out what they are interested in, who they are as people, and how they learn best and we incorporate that into the classroom. The students are people first and students second.

Julie Zapoli   Chef:
2020欧洲杯在线投注Hands on experiential education as an alternative to classroom learning

Bruce Wallis   Chef:
I feel Leelanau excels at presenting the students with solutions from multiple directions. Because there are so many staff and faculty positively involved in every student’s education, they can’t help but be given a broad range of solutions and choices. 


Rob Dymond    Campus Safety and Technology Director (and alumnus):
To me, this phrase means addressing the strengths of the individual in order to teach them how to do the task. You exploit what each person does really well; therefore success or accomplishment of task comes naturally.  

Jay MeyersMath    Teacher:
My “Better Way to Learn” means practicing and improving my use of multiple modes of delivery, empathy, patience and being able to “pivot” in order to best serve any particular student’s needs.

Jen Parker   Registrar and Administrative Assistant:
2020欧洲杯在线投注By being creative and thinking outside the box.

Joe BlondiaScience    Teacher:
2020欧洲杯在线投注It is reinforced by some of our most successful alums coming back and saying, “I remember when we…” Students don’t often remember the material covered in a textbook in class, but they definitely remember how you make them feel as a learner. If that feeling is positive and they find a passion they can go anywhere.

Becca Dymond    Academic Coordinator, Learning Skills Department Chair, and Learning Skills Specialist: 
A Better way to Learn means looking with bigger eyes at how we can impact the educational journey for our students. It means honoring that learning is the most natural process in the world, and we can create opportunities for learning through experiences and guiding the students as they make meaning from their learning and experiences. Day-to-day, this helps me prioritize my work in terms of the relationships I build with students and families. I need to consider the impact of my actions and decisions with students. It drives how I communicate. It informs the importance of my understanding of the expectations parents and students hold. 

Lynne Brach    Food Serviced Director:
I never feel like we are separate from the overall learning environment at the school. It certainly would be possible to treat food services as a necessary but inconsequential part of daily life. However, everything we do feels integrated into the learning experience. I make all decisions related to food service with this cohesion in mind.

Barbara Zyren    Learning Skills Specialist:
A Better Way to Learn means that each student is striving to explore their better way to learn. As their Learning Coach, I am sensitive to helping students explore, find, create, recognize, express, their “A Better Way to Learn” every day in the Learning Common. Every students’ journey is unique to them and it makes my job more interesting and challenging to help them find what works best for them, so that they will be at their personal best.  

Bruce Hood    Science and Math Department Chair, Science Teacher, Ceramics Teacher:
For those students who have not met with success in traditional lecture based content delivery, we provide a better way to learn, by using multiple approaches to content delivery and thought processes. Specifically we reduce the breadth of the material and teach students how to ask and respond to deeper questions that require reflection, the making of connections and the presentation of ideas. They have opportunities to express their understanding in multiple formats that are viewed as equivalent types of evaluation and are presented with the opportunity to choose. 

Spencer Seaman   House Parent, Weekend Activities Coordinator:
In regard to weekend activities, students are given the opportunities to learn outside the classroom setting. Some students excel in environments other than the classroom and are more engaged in the learning process. A good example is Escape Rooms. Here the students learn communication skills, leadership skills, teamwork, time management, and critical thinking to solve problems outside the box.

Laura Hood   Art Department Chair, Music Teacher:
I have been doing this so long that I can’t imagine any other way to learn. Sometimes I am shocked at what happens in big school systems. We have connection with our students. Their hands are busy, and we help them to put their newfound knowledge into practice so it goes deep and is never forgotten. 

Amie Lipscomb   House Parent, English Teacher:
As a whole, whether it’s administration, residential life staff, or teaching faculty, we nurture and grow more opportunities for teachable moments than rote and lecture. That’s a better way to learn. And from these environments we create to the environment in which we’re blessed to be, it’s a better place to learn.

Kim Speicher    Spanish Teacher:
It is exciting to teach in an active classroom where students are moving, drawing, participating, creating, and allowing them to express themselves in wide variety of ways.  Differentiation in assignments, assessments, projects, and other class activities give students the opportunity to demonstrate what they know while incorporating their different learning styles. 

Elizabeth Blondia    Humanities Department Chair, English and History Teacher:
2020欧洲杯在线投注We know our students, which mean we genuinely care about them. This leads to trust in the classroom, which leads to students feeling comfortable taking risks, which leads to growth. When I take the time to have a meaningful conversation with a student, which I try to do every day, instead of just getting right to work, I find that students are learning more.

Bruce Wallis    Chef:
It means that I am always looking for an opportunity to show a student something new, make them see something in a new light or give them the story behind an everyday object or occurrence they might have taken for granted. 


Anika Eisenstat   Head of House:       
The small class size allows us to get to know the student as a whole. Not just as a student, but a person that has passions and talents that can help shape our larger world. We also get to develop relationships with the families that help them trust, that we have the best interests of their child at the forefront of our decisions.

Jay Meyers   Math Teacher:         
Students and staff are held more accountable for all their decisions and interactions with each other. This enables a constant feedback loop that gives the instructors a better understanding of the optimal path for each students’ success route.

Joe Blondia   Science Teacher:    
For Science, it means most of my classes fit in a van.  We can go out into the National Park and see and do science.  We can collaborate with scientists from the Park and the Glen Lake Association to show students WHY what we are learning is important and HOW it can be applied.  

The way we teach won’t work for classes of 30.  I can’t take 30 kids into the river or out on Glen Lake to water sample without having a huge negative impact on the environment we are trying to study. Small classes are agile and mobile and can take advantage of teachable moments and unexpected opportunities.

Brenda Wells   Maintenance and Housekeeping:
2020欧洲杯在线投注It allows staff to have more one on one time with each student. The students feel they don’t have to rush during class time that there is time for them to convey their issues with staff.

Kim Speicher    Spanish Teacher:    
I think that students crave attention and are able to receive support since we have small class size.  Successes can easily be celebrated and areas of improvement can be met with one-on-one conversations

Becca Dymond    Academic Coordinator, Learning Skills Department Chair, and Learning Skills Specialist:
2020欧洲杯在线投注Small class sizes allow each member of the faculty the time and opportunity to know each student as a person – their preferences, strengths, interests, motivations, passions, and fears. It also allows a faculty member to observe each student’s “tells” – those behaviors, expressions, or reactions that indicate a student needs something. Often, we know that a student has a need before the student recognizes it in him or herself.

The opposite is also true – the students get to know the faculty. It paves a path for students to engage in the classes as full participants of the teacher/student relationship because it matters to the teacher that it matters to the student.

2020欧洲杯在线投注On a pragmatic note, our students tend to be really good “crack slippers”. They know how to make their struggles invisible. The close ratio allows us to predict and avoid the “cracks”, encouraging authentic engagement and genuine attention for skill development.

Barbara Zyren    Learning Skills Specialist: 
The small class size/student faculty ratio enhances the experience and outcomes at Leelanau because it helps us develop caring and supportive relations with our students that help them feel cared for and supported.

Bruce Hood  Science and Math Department Chair, Science Teacher, Ceramics Teacher:          
2020欧洲杯在线投注The formative years of high school can be looked at in two different ways: Either as a time to accumulate facts and compete for an outcome, a tool to get you to the next thing at which you might be successful – or, it can be used to learn to develop healthy and supportive relationships. Understanding how those relationships affect your health and well being, and can support you in cooperative learning that you will more than likely carry with you for the rest of your life. Only in a deliberate setting of small classroom size can the later be hoped for. Those relationship skills enhance learning and the mastery of subjects as well as an understanding of how that subject fits into a larger picture of the world.

Laura Hood    Art Department Chair, Music Teacher:  
The connection between faculty and students is first and foremost. In order to have this personal connection with students, it is necessary to have small classes where you can look each student in the eye and see how they really are that day. Then you know what you are working with and how to help them move forward.

Chris Lipscomb    Head of House, History Teacher:
Helps to foster relationships between students and faculty. Easier to communicate if there’s a relationship established.

Amie Lipscomb    House Parent, English Teacher:   
We have the staff and the time to treat students as individuals instead of numbers, to learn their strengths so we can build upon them to shrink or make irrelevant their weaknesses, to teach them as a whole person instead of an educational product.

Kim Speicher    Spanish Teacher:    
Every student in my class participates in some way every day. Small class size allows for students to choose their “job” for learning that day.  Each student knows that they can speak their opinion and be heard. The daily interaction insures that students stay current with new information and discovers any learning gaps in a timely manner. 

Elizabeth Blondia   Humanities Department Chair, English and History Teacher:           
2020欧洲杯在线投注We have the time to tailor activities to the specific interests of students, which means they will be more engaged in their learning. We don’t have to have a one-size-fits-all approach to our lessons.

Bruce Wallis   Chef:  

2020欧洲杯在线投注Students thrive when they are given more individual attention. They are made to feel that what they have to say and contribute is important.

Jay Meyers    Math Teacher:         

2020欧洲杯在线投注I have been able to foster countless breakthroughs in math because of one-on-one time. During these times students are ultra-focused and able to clarify misconceptions in real time. These misconceptions would probably have a much delayed fix or never be fixed while in a large classroom setting.

Graydon Mitchell     Admissions Director:         

2020欧洲杯在线投注Since the foundation of our Learning Strategies program is to provide learning support for all our students, everyone in the school has the opportunity to meet with their Learning Specialist to focus on daily class work and homework. Students receive a minimum of 225 minutes per week to work one-on-one or in a small group setting with a Learning Specialist. In addition to working on class and homework, they are working on time management, learning strategies, and organizational and study skills. For 100 minutes per week, teachers also provide the ‘tutorial experience’ where students can receive additional help in any subject area. Teachers are constantly assessing their students’ progress and communicating this information to other teachers. Because the class sizes are small, our teachers can see how their students are doing at a glance.

Becca Dymond       Academic Coordinator, Learning Skills Department Chair, and Learning Skills Specialist:

One of the things our kids need is the time and experience to develop an awareness of themselves. Finding themselves in the context of the community helps reveal that awareness for themselves.

Bruce Hood   Science and Math Department Chair, Science Teacher, Ceramics Teacher:

Students are free to ask questions, sit in comfortable situations, use a variety of tools such as audio-books, manipulatives. Students often receive one on one support on a daily basis from a tutorial appointment or study hall support.

Laura Hood   Art Department Chair, Music Teacher:  

Sometimes my best teaching moments are at night during the evening tutorials when I get to sit one on one with a student and really dive into the exact points of their discovery. We both leave with a sense of satisfaction and fed creativity.

Amie Lipscomb     House Parent, English Teacher:   

2020欧洲杯在线投注We have the staff and the time to treat students as individuals instead of numbers, to learn their strengths so we can build upon them to shrink or make irrelevant their weaknesses, to teach them as a whole person instead of an educational product.

Elizabeth Blondia     Humanities Department Chair, English and History Teacher:           

2020欧洲杯在线投注The more supportive adults students have in their lives, the better. Teenagers don’t always connect with their parents effectively and if there are other adults who they trust, they are more likely to ask questions, seek advice, and make better decisions. Again, if there is trust in a classroom and a sense that the student is cared about as a person, they are more likely to have a positive academic experience.


Anika Eisenstat    Head of House:   
We teach students how to do their laundry. We teach student how to community with each other beyond the computer screen. They learn how to appropriately engage in a conversation that lead to them being able to mediate their conflicts with peers.

Rob Dymond    Campus Safety and Technology Director (and alumnus):
Life skills are taught through everything we do. More specifically, the skills are taught via modeling, mentoring, individual communication, group communication, disciplinary intervention, and personal counseling. Not one department or individual is responsible to pass along these skills on their own, rather it’s our community as a whole that passes along the vital skills for our students to learn and be able to show on a daily basis. 

Jay Meyers   Math Teacher:          
Developing life skills is addressed as much (if not more) as academics here at the Leelanau School. This is because the relationships between students and the staff are deeper than a public school, due to our structure and quality of staff. Students wake up and they are held accountable for their readiness for the day. Then they are held accountable for showing up on time for breakfast and eating a nutritional meal. Then they are given a choice of participating in an ‘energize’ that sets them up mentally and physically for the academic day. Students are consistently asked to pick the activity that makes them perform better during the day. When they come to class the teachers perform behavior management practices that are more effective and personal with the classes being smaller. At any point in the class, if a student is reaching their capacity for dealing with the social and academic aspects in their life, then they have the ability to seek out support. After the academic day, students are given the choice of after school activities which encompass many of the same benefits as morning activities. Study hall follows this and provides almost as much emotional support as academic support. After an amount of free time students are given a lights out period and expected to go to bed, so they are best prepared for the upcoming day to start the process all over again. Sometime during each day the students are given a “room check” that helps them improve upon their time management and personal space.

Kaz McCue    Art Teacher:
We have two faculties, teaching and residential life. This allows us to provide students with a ton of support.

Becca Dymond    Academic Coordinator, Learning Skills Department Chair, and Learning Skills Specialist:
2020欧洲杯在线投注Our most powerful opportunities exist from our modeling and the creation of opportunities for conversations around these skills.

Lynne Brach    Food Serviced Director:    
The winter term is an ideal example of life skills training. Cooking, sewing, outdoor survival, digging deep into an era of history. Also our residence life experience and staff are really on top of teaching the skills of conflict resolution and self-care.

Spencer Seaman     House Parent, Weekend Activities Coordinator:         
Having opportunities for students to learn and develop their passions inside and outside the classroom. Whether it is taking classes like Sewing, Math Concepts, or Food is Love or getting surfing lessons, horseback riding lessons, volunteering at local organizations.

Laura Hood   Art Department Chair, Music Teacher:  
Every adult in our community is willing to drop everything if there is a teachable moment for life. It may be helping someone through a challenging conversation or guiding someone to advocate more clearly for themselves.

Chris Lipscomb     Head of House, History Teacher:
Most life skills issues that I’ve experienced involved relationships: between students and staff, between students, and between students and their families. Guiding them through those has been the most challenging and yet rewarding endeavor.

Amie Lipscomb      House Parent, English Teacher:   
Residential life staff members are designated and dedicated as residential life staff with their own life skills curriculum (Our life skills or res-life curriculum was even an official part of our ISAACs accreditation, which not all boarding schools have). They aren’t burned-out teachers starting their second job of the day. All have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree and prior experience working with youth. 

Kim Speicher      Spanish Teacher:    
2020欧洲杯在线投注Through FAU family time, Council, class time, and our Res Life program staff reinforces our school core values as well as take the time to help students learn about how to learn, how to keep themselves healthy, how to make good decisions, and ways to learn.

Elizabeth Blondia    Humanities Department Chair, English and History Teacher:  
Res Life Curriculum (clean rooms, living respectfully together), FAU time (small groups designed like families solving problems and having fun together)
Learning from teachers who LOVE to teach

Anika Eisenstat       Head of House:       
2020欧洲杯在线投注You will never walk into a mess hall at 8am after a long shift feeling tired and then be energized by the people around you like you are at Leelanau.  We all get energized from the people around us. If you have happy, positive, energized, passionate teachers student will absorb the energy and want to participate no matter what they are trying to learn.


Anika Eisenstat      Head of House:       
In our community, someone always has your back. You are never in it alone. You can always find someone to talk to that will truly listen too. We do our best to honestly community any issues with each other because when issues start piling up and people stop talking it affects our ability to be effective with our students and our coworkers.

Rob Dymond        Campus Safety and Technology Director (and alumnus):     
If there is an issue you verbally state out loud, I know there will always be someone with in our faculty or staff willing to stand up and lend a helping hand. This staff is like none other. We support each other through the best and worst times of our lives. I personally consider all members of this staff are a part of my extended family. I would do anything, for anyone, if the end goal is to support or help my peers in any way. Knowing how supportive we are with each other, also shows the lengths we would take to help a student out, regardless the situation, time of day or date the situation occurs.

Jen Parker     Registrar and Administrative Assistant:
Everyone has the same goal of guiding students to a successful future.

Graydon Mitchell     Admissions Director:         
Working at a boarding school is different from working in any other type of academic environment. It is a way of life more than it’s a job.

Kaz McCue    Art Teacher:
2020欧洲杯在线投注Teaching is done through a supportive community where teaching and learning happen is so many different ways.

Joe Blondia   Science Teacher:    
Everyone finds someone to connect with. It doesn’t have to be your teacher or Dorm Parent.

Brenda Wells       Maintenance and Housekeeping:
Because we are strong and supportive with each other, it reflects on how our students support each other.

Bruce Hood     Science and Math Department Chair, Science Teacher, Ceramics Teacher:          
Many students have not understood success and how to celebrate it. Here it can be seen on a regular basis. Celebrating positive outcomes at quiet period is one way to focus the community on the good.

Chris Lipscomb       Head of House, History Teacher:
In residential life, we have to look after each other. The student/faculty ratio is much greater at night, so we’ve got to work as a team, and I feel comfortable walking in to each dormitory and helping dorm parents, talking with students about anything, from the latest crisis in their lives to sports and movies.

Elizabeth Blondia     Humanities Department Chair, English and History Teacher:           
Because students feel supported, they aren’t as afraid to make and own mistakes. Our restorative justice approach to discipline allows students to learn how to apologize in an authentic way and to repair relationships. This is also an example of an important life skill as they are approaching adulthood.

Julie Zapoli   Chef:  
Everyone and anyone, at any time, is a mentor or a support-whether you’re a teacher, administrator, or chef. It’s the tone set by the school that recognizes individuals with respect of each other–no matter what their situation, above all else.

Bruce Wallis    Chef:  
2020欧洲杯在线投注The Leelanau school campus community is strong, close-knit and very supportive of the students and each other.


Stewardship, Awareness, Resilience, Integrity, Courage and Interconnectedness

Anika Eisenstat      Head of House:       
We do our best to walk the walk and talk the talk. We won’t ask our students to do anything we aren’t willing to do ourselves.

Rob Dymond        Campus Safety and Technology Director (and alumnus):     
Our core values are like shipping lane markers. They help guide us and give us perspective of what direction we are going throughout our journey together.  Our core values give us perspective on what is important. Without core values, we would not be us as a school!  Our core values make us individualized and different from any other boarding school.

Jay Meyers    Math Teacher:         
The staff here has a long history together and has come to an unspoken agreement of our expectations and feelings. The leaders who show their values verbally and by example here are among the most impressive humans I have ever seen. We are engaging in our beliefs by our actions every day and are guided by great people who help foster these beliefs.

Jen Parker     Registrar and Administrative Assistant:
2020欧洲杯在线投注We all agree on our core values and practice them every day.

Kaz McCue    Art Teacher:
The core values foster learning for life.

Brenda Wells      Maintenance and Housekeeping:
2020欧洲杯在线投注I have lived my whole life with a strong set of core values and I believe it is so important to have them and try your best to live by them

Becca Dymond        Academic Coordinator, Learning Skills Department Chair, and Learning Skills Specialist:
I love the work Kaz did to design and make visible the community values symbols.

Spencer Seaman     House Parent, Weekend Activities Coordinator:         
2020欧洲杯在线投注Using exploratory trips to make the core values tangible.

Laura Hood   Art Department Chair, Music Teacher:  
We teach our students to be much better humans through things like making and serving chicken soup to the homeless, playing music at the local nursing home, being aware of local foods, awareness of the natural beauty around us.

Amie Lipscomb       House Parent, English Teacher:   
Our core values are learned, re-learned and practiced mindfully and purposefully during every exploratory program, every weekly council, and every morning quiet period and energize, let alone lived and demonstrated every day by our faculty and staff.

Kim Speicher       Spanish Teacher:    
2020欧洲杯在线投注The Leelanau School core values were carefully selected and reinforced daily.  They are posted in the main hall of the academic building and staff use them as a basis for the “why” we are doing what we do.  The core values provide a common thread of ways to communicate with students

Elizabeth Blondia    Humanities Department Chair, English and History Teacher:           
2020欧洲杯在线投注Our implicit approach to our core values is important. We try to incorporate our values into everything we do (what we eat, how we communicate, what we teach in our classes, Winter Term activities, service projects, FAU’s, exploratory trips). Because we don’t choose one value and design an activity around it, then move on to the next value, it’s more authentic.


Anika Eisenstat      Head of House:       
Unique, intentionally crafted arts program enhances our students’ development, personal and academic growth. The arts allow students to fully express themselves in a multitude of mediums that helps in the facilitation of processing the world around them and sharing their perspectives with the community and larger world.

Rob Dymond      Campus Safety and Technology Director (and alumnus):     
2020欧洲杯在线投注We give our students numerous opportunities to take advantage of the arts.  Students can participate in learning an instrument, or take a turn on the pottery wheel to throw a cup or bowl. The arts come not only in music, art or theater, but also in creative writing and poetry. Students can take advantage of the minimum or immerse themselves further based on their interest level or experience. 

Jay Meyers    Math Teacher:         
Mrs. Hood is an absolutely amazing music teacher that goes above and beyond for her students’ musical progress. Students are given several opportunities to shine and hone their skills with her support.

Our theater teacher has a passion for the arts. I have not witnessed him in action but have seen the fruits of his labor with the large performances throughout the years.

Jen Parker     Registrar and Administrative Assistant:
This is very important and it provides a safe place for our students to express themselves and grow individually.

Graydon Mitchell     Admissions Director:         
Like other boarding schools, Leelanau has the resources to offer programs that go above and beyond the basic state requirements of a secondary school diploma, whether it’s art, music, and drama that’s built into the curriculum. Students have an opportunity to explore visual arts as well as performing arts. These programs give students a chance to explore career interests in a meaningful way while still in high school.

Kaz McCue    Art Teacher:
Learning gets to happen in un-intimidating subjects, where we get to work on students’ learning processes without it being overly obvious.

Joe Blondia   Science Teacher:    
2020欧洲杯在线投注We have a tremendous number of options for a small school because of the talents of the faculty.

Brenda Wells       Maintenance and Housekeeping:
2020欧洲杯在线投注It’s always good for an individual to experience things outside of their comfort zone. It’s awesome how we implement art, music, and theater.

Lynne Brach    Food Serviced Director:
2020欧洲杯在线投注From my viewing platform in the dining hall, I get to listen to amazing music. I can hear students who are timid get stronger and stronger in their vocal performance and talented students develop new areas.

Bruce Hood    Science and Math Department Chair, Science Teacher, Ceramics Teacher:          
Being a small school allows everyone to explore who they are creatively. With our emphasis on process, it is not just a matter of making things. There are plenty of things in the world. The thought, process development and completion of a piece and provide a place for that piece to arrive in the world.

2020欧洲杯在线投注Without the opportunity for students to experience songwriting for the first time and make the true connection between it and poetry, to be required to learn a monologue and understand the techniques of delivery, or how to actually see before they capture an image, we neglect the very basis of what it means to be an adolescent; that time of life where those portions of the brain are developing at that time. If there is any hope for our future in a technological age, students need to be able to express themselves emotionally though these mediums. Lawyers need to understand Shakespeare and doctors must go to the opera. Otherwise polarity will find no common language.

Spencer Seaman     House Parent, Weekend Activities Coordinator:         
2020欧洲杯在线投注We bring artists into our community with Arts collaborative, coffee houses, local musicians coming to play for students.

Laura Hood    Art Department Chair, Music Teacher:  
I love it that our arts programs invites students of all ability levels, including complete beginners. Our program is completely hands-on: students learn by doing, taking photos, doing a play or playing music together. And each of these art forms is openly and genuinely celebrated within our community.        

Elizabeth Blondia    Humanities Department Chair, English and History Teacher:           
This is the stuff of life. Many of our students have not been successful in an “academic” classroom, but they shine when creating. They feel confident, they feel good about themselves. Students feel alive.


Rob Dymond       Campus Safety and Technology Director (and alumnus):     
Our staff does a fantastic job looking at the whole student whether it’s social, emotional, or physical health of a specific student. One issue could impede upon other areas of the students life. Therefore knowing the whole student, allows us to engage that student direct, with the necessary support they need to be successful.  

Jay Meyers    Math Teacher:         
Health is modeled at the Leelanau School by our outstanding kitchen staff. They spend a lot of effort and time in order to continue improving our communities eating habits. Wellness is taught and improved throughout every part of our students’ daily schedules. Whether these lessons and experiences will be lifelong is up to the individual.

Jen Parker     Registrar and Administrative Assistant:
Through our daily activities, healthy food choices, and a nightly curfew with limited technology now, will help the students in their future.

Graydon Mitchell     Admissions Director:         
The physical, mental, and emotional health of our students is a priority at Leelanau. The school strives to provide an environment where students can find balance and mindfulness within each day, which will set them up with a positive outlook each day. In terms of promoting health and wellness leading to a natural life-long way to live, we provide:

1)  a 24-hour health center staffed with registered nurses (either on-campus or on-call) with close proximity to medical health centers and hospitals

2020欧洲杯在线投注2)  a health and wellness curriculum in the residential life program

3) an opportunity for local experts in the field to present health and wellness issues focusing on adolescents

4) a residential life curriculum for dorm living

5) a support system that extends beyond our school counselor, advisor, teacher, and dorm parents so students have access to professional therapists.

2020欧洲杯在线投注6) a daily schedule that incorporates exercise and activities, in addition to providing them with a healthy diet and sensible bedtimes.”

Joe Blondia   Science Teacher:    
Modeling this as a faculty and valuing it with time in the curriculum.

Brenda Wells      Maintenance and Housekeeping:
2020欧洲杯在线投注This is so very important for our students to have a grasp on this for it will in the long run affect their life and Leelanau and our staff do an awesome job of teaching this. The students are learning and are interested.

Becca Dymond      Academic Coordinator, Learning Skills Department Chair, and Learning Skills Specialist:
I think we try to model and make wellness accessible. This is a point of resistance for a lot of students.

Lynne Brach     Food Serviced Director:    
This is my on-going passion. During my time at Leelanau, I have been part of workshops on learning relaxation skills, the risks of sugar in our diets, composting and waste reduction, healthy cooking.

2020欧洲杯在线投注Every day starts with yoga or walking or some kind of movement. We try to make sure our food program is one that is both healthy and inviting.

Laura Hood     Art Department Chair, Music Teacher:  
Learning about local foods through apple day. Residential life discussions about life choices, sleep health, relationships, healthy eating, and exercise. Every adult at the school has many conversations about health and wellness on a daily basis.

Elizabeth Blondia     Humanities Department Chair, English and History Teacher:           
Our food program, Morning Energize, Afternoon Activities, Winter Term opportunities to ski – these are all things that allow students to practice health and wellness. Whether they take advantage of them consistently or not, it is available in their lives. The adults in our community are good role models (eating healthy food and enjoying it, walking at lunch, enjoying yoga, skiing, pickleball, etc.) and students witness this on a daily basis.

Julie Zapoli     Chef:  
We are raising good adults – we are not raising children. The Leelanau School is contributing to a way of teaching each student to be successful, healthy, caring, service-oriented adults.

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