Leelanau School Alumni Profile Asaf Fulks

 Asaf Fulks

Leelanau School Class of 2000
Years at the Leelanau School: 2
Degree in Computer Science, Minor in Economics
Denison University

How I Remember the Leelanau School

I first attended Leelanau during the summer school program. It’s so beautiful up there in the summer by the lake with so many biological resources to learn from. So many great memories, friends and faculty. I really enjoyed the sports programs as well. It’s funny cause in the Kindel dorm room we would have competitions with our stereo systems. Many of my bad lyric rap CD’s were confiscated lol, now I’m in the music business and always try to keep my records clean, but keep my bass knockin!

How the Leelanau School Impacted My Life

I would not be where I am today without Leelanau; it made a huge impact on my life. My first two years of public high school my grades were terrible and I was unmotivated. Leelanau made it fun for me to learn again I excelled academically, became class president, got straight A’s and got into a great college.

Career Summary

From the :

The OC Recording Company is a record label, music publisher, recording studio and accredited audio school in Orange County, California. Founded in 2005 by recording artist, songwriter, music producer, audio engineer, videographer, inventor, author and educator Asaf Fulks.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Asaf discovered his passion for music production during his college years studying Computer Science and Economics at Denison University in Ohio. He converted his dorm room closet into a recording booth and began to teach himself the craft of music making. Soon Asaf became a hub for recording within the school and surrounding Columbus area. After graduating in 2004, he moved to his family in Hollywood and eventually relocated to Orange County to work for a book publisher. His boss recognized his passion for music and encouraged him to set up a studio in his unused office space. With minimal gear and few contacts Asaf set up shop and The OC Recording Company opened its doors in 2005.

2020欧洲杯在线投注Asaf’s first client D1, a rapper from Boston, was also new to OC, and together they completed projects with well-known rappers AZ and Royce D’59. Asaf helped D1 secure a record deal. It was a great start!

2020欧洲杯在线投注Word of Asaf’s talent spread and soon he was booked weeks in advance with a range of projects, from solo artists to full bands. He poured his earnings back into studio improvements and expansions. In 2007, he produced musicforte.com’s song of the year for the Medallions, several of his artists won OCMA awards and he was featured in The OC Weekly. His first compilation album won him the title “Timbaland of the West Coast” by West Coast performer magazine.

Asaf continued to develop as a music producer and engineer. He received placements on feature films Adam Sandler’s Chuck and Larry and Disney’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice. He composed scores for award winning films, radio shows and engineered for platinum and Grammy winning artists Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Tyga, Kendrick Lamar and others. In 2010, Asaf Fulks recorded, mixed and mastered the international hit song Baby June by Moe Rock!

2020欧洲杯在线投注Asaf’s third album released in 2011, featured the hit song ‘Breakout’, which become the theme song for The LA Clippers and St. Louis Cardinals. The song was also featured on ESPN Capital One Bowl, Showtime’s The Franchise and Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club.

2020欧洲杯在线投注Asaf became a Grammy voting member; AES member, Avid Pro Tools / Waves certified and received his US Patent for. In 2012 The OC Recording Company won The OC Weekly’s Best of Award–Best Recording Studio in Orange County! in 2014 OC Recording received Best Recording Studio in Santa Ana Award!

Asaf authored the book The Studio: Audio Engineering and Music Production Techniques. In 2013, after years of experience, he opened The OC Recording School: Audio Engineering and music Production Certificate Program, accredited by the NPSAG for The OC Recording School. The school provides one-on-one instruction, Waves Audio Certification, hands on Avid ProTools lessons and training in Native Instruments Maschine. He has mentored hundreds of students. Many have gone onto successful careers in audio including Graduate student Carlos Almeida Jr. who earned a position in the sound department of major video gaming company Blizzard after graduating In The Studio with Asaf Fulks. Graduate student Josh Robin works alongside Asaf at OC Recording as a co-producer, songwriter, engineer and private tutor to students.

Starting with a dream, focus and persistent dedication, Asaf built not only a state-of the art recording studio, but a world-wide reputation for the mastery of his craft. He is also known as an inspiring mentor and for his calming demeanor, friendliness and professionalism. His goal is to continue to produce cutting edge music, develop innovative studio technology, provide clients with the high quality recordings and help his students succeed.

2020欧洲杯在线投注He mixed and mastered three #1 hit records written by Meghan Trainor: “Your Turn” and “Before You Go” by Common Kings and “Flava” by Tenelle. In 2015, Asaf produced the song Get Down for Whosoever South which reached the Billboard Christian Rock charts! 2015 also marked OC Recording’s 10 year anniversary. In honor of this milestone, Asaf completely remodeled Studio A.

In 2016-2017, Asaf released 14 original singles which he wrote, composed, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered and created music videos for  and  off his debut solo album !

2020欧洲杯在线投注In 2016 Asaf launched the educational YouTube series …

Asaf Fulks was named Now Hip Hop Magazine and  2016 Producer of the Year! Asaf enrolled in Taft Law School to study entertainment law in order to eventually add it as a service under OC Recording. He completed his first year in 2018. Asaf released several new singles off his highly anticipated album OC BANDWAGON including “Earthbound”, “Cloudfall”, “Driftin’ Away” and “I Am Down”.

View Asaf’s discography at  and .

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