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Leelanau Family Updates

The health and safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance to The Leelanau School. We are staying up to date with information from , which is increasingly being delegated to state agents and local agencies. 

Current and Prospective Families

We are working remotely to answer any questions, process applications and financial aid, and conduct interviews. Give our admissions office a call at 231-334-5826 or email admissions@villasdbali.com 

Parent Communications

Mon. 8-10-20 | COVID Preparedness Plan

Dear Leelanau Students and Parents,

As we prepare for your arrival for Fall term, we feel tremendous gratitude for the assets of a small residential community, on a secure campus, in the natural and open spaces of Northern Michigan. At this time in our history, we offer not only a “Better Way to Learn”, but also a safer place to learn and to live. We have an agile staff, a student body committed to the safety of each of their classmates, the ability to carefully control campus access, and the policies to create a secure bubble of safety and experiential learning. With a virus, there are no absolute assurances, but the philosophy, size, location, campus, and community of Leelanau are the graces we are thankful for as we work to secure our mission ever onward.

We are taking our preparations very seriously, cooperating with health officials, exceeding all requirements and recommendations, and training the staff and students on personal protection and community standards. Our upcoming term will demand new behaviors and controls that we are prepared to monitor and enforce.  

The State of Michigan requires all schools, public and non-public, to publish a “COVID Preparedness and Response Plan”.2020欧洲杯在线投注 The plan must include state-mandated public health requirements and recommendations, be reviewed by the local health department, approved by the Board of Trustees and submitted to the State Superintendent of Schools in Lansing. The plan must describe mitigation strategies aligned to various potential phases of the pandemic, as assigned by the State of Michigan:

  • Phase 1: Uncontrolled growth:
  • Phase 2: Persistent spread:
  • Phase 3: Flattening: Epidemic is no longer increasing and health system capacity is sufficient for current needs.
  • Phase 4: Improving: Epidemic clearly decreasing and health system capacity is strong with robust testing and contact tracing.
  • Phase 5: Containing: Epidemic levels are extremely low and outbreaks can be quickly contained. Health system capacity is strong with robust testing and tracing.
  • Phase 6: Post-pandemic: Community spread is not expected to return.

Our region in Northern Michigan is currently in PHASE 5.

Click here to review The Leelanau School COVID Preparedness Plan

As a boarding school, with students arriving from many different locations, we have the additional obligation to have a carefully designed “re-entry period“, where, regardless of the current phase of our region, we are vigilant in guarding against the virus traveling into our community. Our practices during this re-entry period are also described in The Leelanau School COVID Preparedness Plan. This can be thought of as a supplemental handbook for the upcoming term.  Please study the plan carefully and feel free to ask me questions concerning the rationale. We are planning to schedule an all-parent ZOOM meeting to discuss the details of the plan during the week prior to our September start. The date and time of that meeting is yet to be determined.

Pre-Arrival Testing Requirement:

Given the high occurrence of asymptomatic carriers, as part of the re-entry process2020欧洲杯在线投注, we are requiring all students and staff to be tested for the virus prior to reporting to school, and to engage in self-quarantine between the time of that test and your campus registration. This was announced last month, and we are providing additional details today.  

2020欧洲杯在线投注We would like all students to get sampled/swabbed no earlier than August 20, with enough lead time to have the results in-hand prior to reporting to campus. Your lead time window will vary depending on the testing options available in the place where you live. No one will be allowed on campus without a documented negative test results. We recommend two options to comply with this request:

Option 1:  We strongly encourage all families to work with their family physician or local health department to secure this test (coded as “testing for suspected exposure”). The availability and options for testing vary greatly depending where you live. You will likely have a faster lab turnaround working with your family physician. Doing so will also reduce the risk of reporting hiccups that can occur across state boundaries. This will also make it easier to work with your health insurance company to cover the costs. All told, it will be best to find testing locally.  It is important that you begin your research and schedule ASAP so you understand the lead time necessary to secure a test and a result BEFORE you depart for campus. Depending where you live, this lead time can be very short (hours) or very long (10 days). In addition to your local physician, the CDC website keeps a list of public testing sites. Click to search your area for public testing sites.

Option 2: If you discover you have no suitable options for testing in your area, The Leelanau School will send you a test kit for self-swabbing and materials for FedEX shipment to a lab in Grand Rapids. This will require a longer lead time, and result in a longer period of self-quarantine while waiting for results. They cannot guarantee the billing of your insurance, and there may be reporting limitations based on your state of residence. If you elect to have Leelanau send you a test kit, you must make that request directly to me (rhansen@villasdbali.com2020欧洲杯在线投注) by August 18.

2020欧洲杯在线投注If in the course of this pre-arrival testing, you receive a positive result for COVID-19, you must work with your physician to secure treatment or re-evaluation and secure a release before reporting to campus.

We will also symptom-screen all students and parents upon their arrival, and every day during our re-entry period. Do not report to campus if you are manifesting any symptoms. Error on the side of safety, knowing we will support your transition.

I am available to answer questions as I know this can be a very confusing process. 

We also know that staying safe and on-track requires a communal commitment to one and other. It will be our behaviors that secure the term ahead and deliver the greatest amount of safety and confidence. It is essential we all embrace our obligation to each other in order to have a productive and joyful Fall.

Thank you for your attention and support,

Rob Hansen, Head of School

Tues. 7-14-20 | Re-Entry Plans

Dear Leelanau Parents,

2020欧洲杯在线投注As we prepare for the beginning of Fall term, we want to provide you with our current re-entry plans, designed to establish the safest possible campus on the very first day of the term.

2020欧洲杯在线投注As we imagine the constraints of larger day schools in higher risk areas, we are grateful that we enjoy a small community, on a large private campus, with a residential program, and very limited exposure from off-campus visitors. Through carefully designed policies, we can exert significant control over exposure risks. We have a strong partner in our local health department, and access to excellent medical care, both on-campus and in Traverse City. While we cannot completely eliminate the risk of transmission, we can enforce smart practices, and engage the spirit of community stewardship that defines the Leelanau experience.

Last week, we announced changes to our academic calendar to reduce the transitions between school and home. I appreciate the agility of our families and the support we received for those changes.

2020欧洲杯在线投注The campus has been cleaned meticulously and thoroughly. A tremendous effort went into this process. Access to buildings has been very limited, and we are tracking and screening all human activity on campus.

2020欧洲杯在线投注Recently, the State of Michigan published school re-opening requirements and recommendations aligned to the extent of the pandemic in various regions of the state. Our region in Northern Michigan has relatively low transmission rates, high medical and diagnostic capacity, and is therefore currently at “phase 5” of the 6 phase reopening plan. This means, at the current time, residents of Glen Arbor and the Traverse City region do not typically face the rates of exposure and transmission experienced in other parts of the state or country. We are hopeful that after the conclusion of the summer tourism season, the situation in our region will improve even further.

In September, however, we will be welcoming students from various locations. Our initial obligation is to ensure full screening of the incoming students and staff to ensure absence of the virus. We refer to this as our re-entry period, and it describes our first couple of weeks on campus. Once we have confidence that no one in our population is infected, we can minimize further risk by carefully monitoring and controlling off-campus exposure.

To those ends, our re-entry period plan will require all reporting students and staff to be tested and provide documentation of a negative result prior to their arrival to campus. We will conduct a second round of full community testing shortly after their arrival to ensure no one was exposed during their travels.

  • The first round of testing needs to be completed as close as possible to your arrival to campus, but with enough time to receive the results prior to your decision to depart your homes and head to school. The sampling should occur between August 20-25. You have two options to comply with this requirement.
    • Option 1: You can arrange testing with your local physician, or take advantage of local options in your region. This will likely allow direct billing of your insurance and direct communication of results to you. We simply ask that the swabbing be done within the August 20-25 time window, and you be able to provide documentation of the negative result prior to arriving on campus (via email scan or fax).
    • Option 2: We are working with a laboratory to secure a supply of test kits, with the intention of delivering them to households who can not arrange for their own testing. These kits would be self-administered and shipped in a prepaid container to our partner laboratory. The kit will provide all the swabbing supplies, instructions, packaging materials, and prepaid FedEx labels. We hope to deliver these kits to your homes in mid-August. Our contract lab will report results directly to the school and all required databases. There will be a small fee for this testing (~$150) that will be billed to the school, and passed on to you through our business office via a later invoice.
  • In either of your chosen testing scenarios, once the initial swabbing is completed, the student should self-isolate and practice all the recommended PPE and distancing practices between that time and their departure for Glen Arbor. This will reduce the chance of exposure between the sampling and their arrival.
  • Please understand that no student or staff member will be allowed on campus without showing a negative test from a sample collected in late August.
  • We will create a process that controls exposure on move-in day (staggered arrivals, streamlined registration process, no gatherings, limited access to dorm rooms, etc.) Move-in and registration procedures will be communicated in the coming weeks.
  • We will re-test the entire population again one week after being on campus to ensure no infections occurred since the prior test.
  • During the time between campus arrival, and receipt of the second round of testing (~10 days) we will enforce strict policies of social distancing, masking, plated or boxed meals, and, of course, maximize use of our beautiful outdoor campus as classroom and social spaces. We will attempt to maintain single occupancy dorm rooms during this period.
  • Once the second test is received, and assuming we have demonstrated absence of the virus, we can redefine policies aligned to the regional recommendation and the risks associated with our area. We become a “household” at that point, allowing a bit more movement on and off-campus. The details of those “post-re-entry” policies will be shared as we get closer to the start of the school year, as they will be greatly dependent on the conditions in the region. For example, the extent of masking and options for off-campus activities are policies that will be greatly determined by changing regional viral conditions.
  • Non-resident staff, the limited number of commuting students, and all visitors will continue to be screened daily.
  • We are developing procedures for continuing to monitor and respond to symptoms in case they appear during the term. We are fortunate to have a talented health services staff, quarantine options, a leading hospital, and a very engaged local health department. If, in spite of our best efforts, we encounter an infection in our community, we will be able to respond quickly with isolation, tracing, and testing, keeping our population cared for and safe.

Above all else, we have a spirit at Leelanau that inspires us to take care of each other. Our students, parents, and staff are smart, cautious, compassionate and agile. Our campus, our location, and our community are great gifts, much needed at this time.

2020欧洲杯在线投注The safety of the students and staff of Leelanau requires a willingness to comply with these re-entry plans. It is important we all feel safe on campus so we can learn, laugh, and succeed together in the year ahead.

Thank you,
Rob Hansen, Head of School

Tues. 6-23-20 | Revisions to Fall Calendar

Dear Parents and Students,

2020欧洲杯在线投注While the world navigates the global pandemic, we all continue to learn more about the habits that reduce exposure and minimize risks of transmission and infection. The Leelanau School is in a region of the state currently with low rates of occurrence due to positive compliance with safety practices. The Governor of Michigan has given the indication that, assuming we all remain vigilant, face-to-face instruction will be allowed to resume in the Fall. We are emboldened by this news and working to provide a safe and exciting place for your arrival in September.

The State of Michigan will be issuing additional rules governing school-based social distancing, hygiene and response. While we are eager to see those rules published, we are anticipating some changes to “normal” behaviors as we develop re-entry plans. As a small school, we are confident we will be able to protect and care for your child, exerting an abundance of caution while delivering a dynamic community based educational experience. The finer details of re-entry processes and on-campus procedures will be shared once we have greater clarity from the State, and those required practices are adapted to our program by the staff at Leelanau, in cooperation with the local health department.

One change we are announcing today is with regards to the Fall term calendar. We feel it is prudent to minimize home-to-school transitions during the upcoming term. Doing so will reduce the risk of exposure in other regions being unwittingly brought back to campus. To those ends we are making the following changes to condense the term without the loss of instructional time or learning opportunities. We recognize the need for you to have this calendar information early in order to make travel plans.  

  • Change move-in/registration date to Friday September 4 (for Seniors) and Saturday September 5 (all others). It was previously scheduled for September 8th and 9th.
  • Conduct student orientation activities on September 5th, 6th.
  • Accomplish the goals of the traditional exploratory program with distributed programming throughout the term, instead of off-campus camp-outs.
  • Begin regularly structured academic/residential programming on September 7 (Labor Day). Originally planned for September 14.
  • Eliminate mid-October Fall break in order to avoid the mass transition from school, to home and back.
  • Arrange parent/teacher conferences using virtual conferencing tools (e.g. ZOOM).
  • Cancel the public “Thanksgiving Feast” to avoid large indoor assembly of visitors.
  • Schedule semester exams during the week November 16.
  • End the Fall term and release for Thanksgiving and Winter break on Saturday, November 21 (travel day). 
  • Return for Winter term on January 4.

Linked HERE is a copy of our updated academic calendar for 2020-21.  

2020欧洲杯在线投注By moving up registration/orientation, re-imagining the exploratory program, starting classes earlier, eliminating the Fall break, capturing additional days during the week prior to Thanksgiving, and avoiding a return to campus in December, we are ensuring the instructional time necessary to accomplish our curriculum, while reducing our exposure risks.

The rules and practices for parent visitation and off-campus appointments will be determined in the course of our planning, applying the best safety practices to protect our students and staff.

2020欧洲杯在线投注At this point, we are not announcing changes to our Winter or Spring calendars. As with everything these days, if conditions change, we will respond accordingly. We will remain agile to do what is best for our students based on emerging information and recommendations.

2020欧洲杯在线投注I hope you support and are willing to comply with these changes to our calendar. We make them with your child’s safety in mind, and to ensure your confidence in our care.

2020欧洲杯在线投注Rob Hansen, Head of School

Fri. 5-15-20 | Anticipating Fall

2020欧洲杯在线投注Dear Leelanau Parents, 

2020欧洲杯在线投注I hope this email finds you and your family safe and supported.

2020欧洲杯在线投注Our unexpected transition to distance learning has been a big challenge for our students, parents, and faculty, but I am so proud of the teaching, learning, and laughter happening daily. The compassion, courage and resilience of Leelanau, rooted in 90 years of practice and established in our current community each and every day leading up to the pandemic, is what is securing your child’s continued education. In spite of our physical isolation and daily challenges, in many ways our community is stronger than ever. This moment in time reinforces the core of our philosophy: the value of our authentic relationships. My memories of this time will be beautifully colored by the way the students, staff and parents have sustained quality effort, supported each other, and continued to celebrate our shared experiences.

2020欧洲杯在线投注I am writing to update you on our planning for school next Fall. We cannot say enough that the health and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff is of the utmost importance to us, and all decisions will be grounded in our search for a safe return to The Leelanau School. 

We do not have a crystal ball to accurately predict the state of the pandemic come September. As we gain more information about what tools for monitoring, tracing, and treatment will be available to us, and see how state and local mandates and recommendations unfold, we will evolve our plans accordingly. In spite of the great ambiguity, we want to provide assurance that we will continue to pursue our important mission on behalf of your children come Fall. No matter what the future brings, Leelanau will forever be a “Better Way to Learn”.

2020欧洲杯在线投注While there are a variety of scenarios for the start to school, I would like to share our perspective on how we are currently organizing our thinking as we prepare for the 2020-21 school year.

  • First, we are currently preparing for your return to campus in September as we normally would. We will be moving ahead with course selections for returning students, continuous recruitment of new students, and preparing the campus for your arrival. In the best of scenarios, methods for identification, tracing, treatment, and isolation of COVID-19 will be established practices that are easy to implement on campus, minimizing disruption to our regular program. We suspect school re-entry requirements will eventually be defined by local health departments that we will be able to implement safe re-entry with your cooperation.  
  • Second, we are researching contingencies to be prepared for a spectrum of potential social distancing and health monitoring policies, if such practices remain necessary. We are considering the impact of enacting such policies on health services, maintenance, campus security, residence halls, food service, classrooms, and shared social spaces.  We are considering the need to have policies for academic accommodation in case a student needs to be quarantined or sent home due to infection for a period of time. If there are students who are unable to be on campus for the start of classes, we will deliver a similar online academic experience from home, as we have employed this spring. 
  • Third, if the pandemic delays the return of all students to campus, we would continue to offer academic, emotional, and social support with distance learning methods. This Spring has taught us much about distance-pedagogy.  We believe we are doing a good job now, but also know we can make the experience even more enriching and engaging in the Fall if necessary. The Leelanau staff and students are the most patient and innovative people in the world. We are the leading example for other schools, and we intend to remain that way going forward. Should the beginning of school on campus be significantly delayed, we will consider making adjustments to our academic calendar to allow our teachers and students the time necessary to teach and to learn to the best of their abilities in a nurturing, on-campus environment. We also recognize that in a scenario involving a delayed return to campus, room and boarding fees would be prorated accordingly.

Please understand, as we move forward with getting ready for Fall as we normally would, we are not ignoring other possible scenarios. We are tracking and actively participating in the development of state and local policy. We will be ready for whatever the future brings. As greater clarity emerges, we will revise, adapt and communicate. I take solace in knowing we will get through this together. 

Please know that your Leelanau School community is here for you now, and will continue to be in the coming months, as well as when we see you again in Glen Arbor.

Thank you,

Rob Hansen
Head of School

Fri. 4-3-20 | Spring Home Instructional Program

Dear Students and Parents,

As announced yesterday, the Governor of Michigan suspended in-person instruction for all public, non-public, and boarding schools across the state of Michigan, under the powers afforded to her under the State of Emergency and the State of Disaster declarations and Michigan Constitution. Such action was necessary to protect public health, and is happening in states across the nation.

2020欧洲杯在线投注As we adjust to the necessary changes in our living patterns, we remain committed to supporting the education of your child with the creative, personal and responsive instructional approach we believe is essential for learning. This is who we are, and who we will continue to be, as we navigate the weeks ahead. While there is no substitute for a highly trained and experienced teacher interacting with curious students on our campus, we will continue to provide, and students must continue to receive, the best of Leelanau under the difficult circumstances now before us. Our small size and established relationships allow us to attend to learning in ways other schools cannot. 

2020欧洲杯在线投注To be clear, Leelanau students are expected to continue their studies and complete their spring term courses. While the modality of delivery will change, the expectations for engagement and quality effort will not. Your child is enrolled at Leelanau, and we embrace continued instruction, support, and intervention as an obligation to you and to the benefit of your child. 

Students who engage in designed activities, present evidence of learning through their completed work, and dialog with teachers and peers, will be successful. Those who do not engage with instruction or the provided support systems and interventions, will be assessed accordingly…just as they would be if they were on campus.  

A schedule for the academic day/week has been created to add necessary structure, support, and accountability to your child’s continued studies. This process will begin on April 13:

  • Just as they do on campus, students will attend 4 classes/day, alternating each day so all 8 of their classes will meet two times per week. Each class session will begin as a live ZOOM session, and attendance will be taken. The lesson plan will determine what happens during the allotted hour, i.e. it could be an hour long discussion, or it could be 5 minutes of establishing clarity on the daily task, with check-ins during the hour. The end of each day will be an hour of open office hours for each teacher. The intention is for students to make progress within each class, each day, marching ever forward in their learning. (A schematic of the weekly schedule is shared below).
  • Students will be required to visit TeacherEase each day. A tracking tool is in place to ensure this daily connection is occuring.
  • Fridays will be reserved for a weekly all school Council meetings, FAU gatherings, scheduled tutorials and conferencing with individual teachers.
  • We recognize the need to make navigation of ZOOM links and access points as simple as possible for students. We will create a “one-stop shop” for students to easily locate their sessions. 
  • Optional social activities will continue to be offered each evening, programmed by the Residential Life staff.
  • The Counseling office will remain open. Katlyn Martin will publish office hours for student “virtual drop-ins” or for scheduled appointments. Katlyn is also offering lunch hour group discussions one day each week. The schedule will be shared with students.
  • Our Student Concerns process will continue in the same way as it does on campus. Students who are disengaging academically, not attending or participating, or exhibiting negative social behaviors will continue to be monitored for intervention. The Dean of Students, Michael Jarvis, will work with students, teachers and parents to determine necessary next actions to ensure a collaborative approach to resolution.
  • We are working on plans to recreate or replace the important spring-time traditions (Prom, May-Day Dip, Yearbook, Leelanau Challenge, Senior Mysteries, Senior Speeches, Lawn and Tree Awards, Graduation, etc). We will engage students in the development of these plans. We will celebrate the continued accomplishments of our students, especially our Senior class.  Details will be shared as they emerge.

We will host an all school ZOOM meeting on Saturday, April 11 at 1 pm (Eastern) to answer specific questions about the academic schedule, student expectations, support, and accountability. A reminder and invite will be distributed in advance of that meeting. A recording of his meeting will be made available for families and students. 

Implementing these changes will require patience as the pattern gets established and becomes routine. Teachers are working hard to develop the best ways to further your child’s learning.   

The very nature of education is to help people discover the ability to do things they have never done before. Such faith in the capacity of each person to rise to the challenge is the very essence of teaching.  At this time, we are all students learning how to do new things. As long as we do it together, with grace, we will be successful.

Rob Hansen, Head of School

Thurs. 4-2-20 | Extension Of On Campus Shut Down

Dear All,

2020欧洲杯在线投注We are aware that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge across Michigan and the country. The process of interrupting the spread has required a worldwide commitment to a new pattern of living involving social distancing and sacrifice. The health and safety of our families and neighbors are in our hands.

The Governor of Michigan has just released another Executive Order extending the shut down of on-campus school activity, shelter in place, and social distancing. The actual text of any Executive Order has important details not always expressed in the press release or media reports. Any specific provisos affecting non-public schools need to be reviewed and fully understood. We need some time to study the details of the Executive Order before I can immediately share the next steps.

As a team, we have been working very diligently on re-imagining our instruction, class schedules, intervention and support.  We are committed to being the best school at sustaining a personal and purposeful education going forward. It is our intention to ensure students continue their studies faithfully, receive engaging instruction, are fairly assessed on their efforts. We realize what we accomplished over the short period prior to spring break, while agile and substantial, will require a predictable schedule and process of accountability as we move forward. We are working on a new structure to make the school week more organized and supportive for our students. We will add more structure to emotional support and counseling services as well. We are also working to ensure we continue to share as a community, in celebration of our friendships and accomplishments. This is particularly vital to our seniors, who deserve the best spring term that can be designed in the current situation.We will be well prepared to engage meaningful and well organized instruction on April 13. 

2020欧洲杯在线投注I know there are many questions about student belongings, course schedules, campus access, communication, grades, graduation, etc.  I beg for your patience as your team of Leelanau teachers and residential life personnel work through the emerging details of the most recent Executive Order to ensure we can respond to your questions with confidence.

2020欧洲杯在线投注We will have more announcements very soon.

Rob Hansen, Head of School


Friday, March 27, 2020

Dear Parents,

As we conclude another academic week and transition to what our calendar describes as “spring break”, I want to pause and share some thoughts:

  • As a global community, as a nation, and as a school, we are facing ineffable challenges. But Leelanau is a family, and families take care of each other. We will not always know exactly what to do, but we will stay together, remain positive, keep trying, and persevere. I cannot imagine a better community to stand with as we journey through this curious time together.
  • The benefits of a small school are just as noticeable now as they are when we are all in the same place; maybe more so. We are trying to use technology to recreate the personal approach we believe is necessary for learning. As a small school, we are not pushing students into fully online classes devoid of interaction. We are engaging in real-time instruction with video conferencing, collaborative spaces, phone calls, and text messaging. We are more one-on-one than ever as we conference at a variety of times to best accommodate each student’s time zone, home schedule, and access limitations. In some cases, our communication with your student has dramatically increased. We are continuing to experiment with new tools to connect, enliven, and create. We are trying to find a pattern that works. It has been a challenge, but such is the cradle of growth. We are indebted to the students and parents who are actively organizing themselves, responding to teachers requests for video-conferencing, and engaging in the daily communication necessary to succeed in these remarkable times.
  • As of the writing of this message, schools across Michigan are scheduled to open the week of April 13. We realize there is plenty of uncertainty about that timeline and our Governor has hinted at an extension. Until an Executive Order is issued, we will not know the rules, and whether such rules would be applied to non-public boarding schools. We are actively engaged with our representatives in our state legislature, and collaborating with other independent schools across the state to ensure our voices are heard. Decisions about the operation of public schools that go beyond concerns of public health and safety should not automatically be applied to non-public schools. I encourage Michigan residents to contact their representative to share this sentiment.
  • You are going to read reports from local public schools about “counted time”, “instructional days” and other state requirements. As a fully independent school, such state-wide curricular debates do not apply to us. The past two weeks have been required academic activity, and such activity will ramp-up again after the spring break window, whether we are together in Glen Arbor, or scattered across the world. We will teach, reach, innovate, diversify, and support learning with the same effort and personal attention we believe is necessary for a vibrant education. We will keep their academic sequence intact. We do not intend to let our students down. Their continued participation and effort is critical. We also recognize that if a return to campus is not possible, our instructional programming will need to evolve to improve engagement, accountability, organization, and sustainability.
  • We will be prepared for whatever happens. It is our intention that learning will continue in one form or another. All Leelanau students will sustain their studies, demonstrate necessary mastery of concepts and skills through their work, and be fairly assessed in their enrolled courses to the full completion of this term. This applies to all students, and is especially vital to our seniors. They will graduate if they meet their graduation requirements. And they will be celebrated for doing so.
  • We are working hard to maintain and expand the community aspects of The Leelanau School as well. We will continue our daily morning messaging, quiet period activities, evening activities, virtual office hours, and check-ins with students over the course of the next two weeks. We want to stay engaged and provide a safe place for students to “be” during this confusing time. Our Student Council and HEROES group has continued to meet. Our Residential Life staff continues to reach-out to their house communities to provide activities, socialization, and mentoring to all our students. We will continue to innovate to implement additional ways to function as a community.
  • Michigan, like many other states, is currently under a “Stay at Home” order. Your teachers are required to be working from their homes, with their own devices, internet and cell service.
  • There are allowances in the “Stay at Home” order to sustain critical maintenance activity. To those ends, our comprehensive disinfection efforts have continued.
  • We are very active in tracking small business, non-profit, and employee assistance programs emerging both at the federal and local level. In addition to caring for your child’s education, we are working to protect our employees.

2020欧洲杯在线投注While this message has focused on issues of instruction, socialization, and our non-profit business, our primary concern remains your physical and emotional health. We hope you are caring for each other, wherever you are, and whatever the circumstance.

With patience and grace we will navigate the weeks ahead and arrive at a brighter future together.

Thank you for your understanding during this crisis,

Rob Hansen, Head of School


Friday, March 20, 2020

2020欧洲杯在线投注Dear Parents,

I hope you are well, staying safe, and able to find respite in the spirit of community that challenging times like these can reveal. It is Fred Rogers’ Birthday today. I am fond of his famous quote:

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

2020欧洲杯在线投注For those of you putting themselves at risk for the care of others, please know we are thinking of you.

As we complete our first week of this peculiar but necessary pattern, it is important to focus on the tenets of human growth and development that we hold true. We maintain high expectations across our community, regardless of where they are, for stewardship, leadership, awareness, integrity, resilience, courage and interconnectedness. Personal effort – heroic effort – connected effort – are the goals of Leelanau yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Some notes:

  1. Congratulations to our remarkably resilient and dedicated students who are engaging with their teachers and learning specialists, seeking help, advocating for themselves, and getting high-quality authentic work done. Please continue to encourage your child to check their @villasdbali.com email and TeacherEase accounts frequently, and to reach out to their learning specialists and teachers if they are confused, need help, or have ideas. We are trying to initiate conferencing with them through various means (email, text, facetime, google classroom, chat, social media). Please encourage them to initiate with us as well.
  2. The fact that we are a small school with actual and authentic relationships between students and teachers is more valuable now than ever. Our approach to “distance learning” is not like other schools that are rolling out fully online courses and learning management platforms. Instead, we are trying to maintain one-to-one communication with each student in order to provide the coaching and personalization necessary for learning. While teachers are working hard to diversify the delivery of content with screencasting, video conferencing, distributed resources and collaborative tools, it is the personal connection they are trying to maximize. The asynchronous aspects of some of these tools, coupled with real time text and video communication, can amplify the amount of communication we are having.
  3. Many students have worked with their learning specialists and parents to set-up a daily schedule. We are encouraging students to structure their day to include time for rest, school work, exercise, and socialization. Ms. Dymond will be sharing additional strategies with students and parents over the weekend.
  4. Our Residential Life team is working to foster socialization in the evening via a dedicated Instagram account. I encourage you to follow leelanaustudentlife to join the fun.
  5. Students and staff are receiving a daily morning message with announcements, quiet time suggestions, trivia, and daily inspiration. This replicates the weekday on-campus morning routines.
  6. Mr. Jarvis will be reaching out to many families next week to check-in – not on individual assignments and missing work – but to solicit feedback on our efforts to connect with and support your child.
  7. Please keep us informed if you have been positively diagnosed by a physician with COVID-19 infection. You can communicate any diagnosis confidentially to me or to our health service nurses.
  8. While we do not have awareness of COVID-19 exposure on our campus, we have allocated additional staff to ensure a full disinfection and deep cleaning of all surfaces in our buildings.
  9. We are tracking very closely emergency and legislative actions emerging from Lansing and Washington. We have been in direct contact with our representatives to encourage consideration of non-public boarding schools in their decisions. We are communicating with other state of Michigan boarding schools in order to amplify our voice.

I understand the anxiety that accompanies the unknown. Much of the decision making is now in the hands of government and public health officials (local, state, federal). We will abide by their directives while also making sure our unique situation is considered. We are a strong, agile, and imaginative community, and we will be ready to face whatever comes our way.

2020欧洲杯在线投注As for today, be proud of your children who are working hard on their growth and development, not just through their school work, but by experiencing these historic times as a learning community.

Work Hard – Be Kind – Be Safe,

Rob Hansen, Head of School


Friday, March 13, 2020 – 7:19pm

Hello Leelanau Family!  

Thank you, again, for your support and communication today! The faculty and staff have been working hard to take good care of the students and each other today. So far, departures from campus have been smooth.  

As things stand right now, here is the plan: 

2020欧洲杯在线投注For the next two weeks (March 16-20 and 23-27), we will facilitate distance learning instruction for the students. Teachers will post assignments on TeacherEase for students to complete and will be available through email, phone, and video chat. The priority is to conclude the projects and assignments that are in progress. Our goal is to keep students feeling connected to the school and to provide the tools and tasks to structure their days. We are aware that virtual learning is really difficult for some students and not all have yet developed the skills to find academic success in this type of learning format. Please check with your student’s Learning Specialist or another trusted adult if you have questions or would like help to design a plan for your student.  

2020欧洲杯在线投注Students, we are looking for you to give your best try at the assignments your teachers provide. This is a great opportunity to show how much growth you’ve made this year and to be ready to get back to class when Spring Break is over. It is always okay to ask for help and we love it when you share your ideas when an assignment inspires you.  

2020欧洲杯在线投注The dates for our Spring Break will remain as scheduled (March 28 – April 12). At this point, our return travel day is Monday, April 13 and classes are scheduled to resume Tuesday, April 14. If anything changes about this plan, you will receive an update via email.  

2020欧洲杯在线投注We need to cancel all scheduled Parent Conferences (both phone and in person.) Instead, teachers and residential faculty will send you written summaries for the semester so far. You will be welcome to schedule phone calls with individual faculty members for in depth conversations.  

Next week, our team will meet to review the recommendations from our local health agencies to determine how we will navigate the return to campus. We will send you an update when one becomes available. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay up to date with the recommendations to limit your family’s exposure to illness and to contact your physician if you experience symptoms of illness.  

2020欧洲杯在线投注If you have any questions, please reach out anytime. Thank you so much for your attentiveness and support. 

Be well,

The Leelanau School’s Administration, Faculty, and Staff

Friday, March 13, 2020 – 12:53pm

2020欧洲杯在线投注Hi Leelanau families!  

2020欧洲杯在线投注Thank you so much for the cooperation and quick action working with us this morning! We really appreciate you so much! The students have been doing a great job asking questions, facilitating communication with you, and staying engaged in our classes today.  

2020欧洲杯在线投注We have adjusted our activity schedule for tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday to keep the structure and routine intact while taking appropriate precautions for the students still on campus. We are instructing students and staff to practice social distancing. We ask that all families also adhere to social distancing practices while on campus.  

  1. Whenever possible, work to keep a 3-foot distance between people. 
  2. Avoid contact through handshakes, hugs, or other embraces.
  3. Participate in frequent handwashing and use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving spaces.
  4. Please limit your time on campus to help us reduce exposure.
  5. If you would prefer to wait in your vehicle, please let us know you are here and we can help students bring their bags to the car.  

We adjusted our schedule today to accommodate each of our classes meeting. This will help the students review the work that is in progress and give them a preview of the work they should keep in mind as they travel home. All students should bring with them their school materials including computers, chargers, planners, textbooks, and binders. We will be facilitating instruction online using tools that students are familiar with. Details about the timing of this instruction will be coming soon.  

Some parents have asked if students should take all of their belongings. At this point, we do not see a need for students to pack everything. However, this is a great time for snow gear to go home if there is room in the car.  

2020欧洲杯在线投注I’ll have more updates for you soon!  

Becca Dymond, Provost

Friday, March 13, 2020 – 8:00am

2020欧洲杯在线投注Dear Leelanau families, 

As many of you have seen, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has mandated closure of all Michigan K-12 schools, including private and boarding schools, effective Monday, March 16. As a licensed school in the State of Michigan, we must comply with this directive.  

We are asking all families to make immediate travel arrangements for their students at the earliest possible convenience. We understand that this is sudden and inconvenient. We will do what we can to work with you as you make these arrangements. Per the directive, we are expected to have all students off campus by Monday, March 16.  

2020欧洲杯在线投注As the recommendations regarding the spread of COVID-19 have developed, we have been working on strategies that will allow us to maintain the students’ academic progress in the event this situation arises. Now that we know the timing, we will finalize our plans and communicate with you soon.  

Please let us know the arrangements for your student’s travel as soon as possible. The information should be sent to Jen Parker at jparker@villasdbali.com or 231-334-5841.  

Thank you so much for your support and understanding. We will have more information available soon to help guide your plans regarding our ability to reopen campus.  

Be well,

Becca Dymond, Provost

Monday, March 9, 2020

Dear Parents,

2020欧洲杯在线投注We are in the midst of cold/flu season, and with the rise of COVID19, I want to update you on our efforts to keep each student and staff member safe to the best of our abilities. At this time, our school and our region has not reported any cases of COVID19.  However, instilling awareness and establishing preventive habits are life skills best practiced everyday as consistent prevention of transmission of any type of virus.

2020欧洲杯在线投注We are staying up to date with information from CDC, which is increasingly being delegated to state agents and local agencies. If a concentration of any communicable disease becomes prevalent in the area, local agencies will be guiding diagnosis priorities and processes, and be actively advising all of us (citizens, hospitals, schools).

2020欧洲杯在线投注On campus, we are reinforcing preventive behaviors can help minimize exposure. The primary mechanism of transmission is from one exposed person to another through direct or secondary contact (airborne distribution of germs through coughing, sneezing, etc.). In that reality, it becomes necessary that each individual increase their awareness of how they can both spread and come in contact with invisible pathogens. As an educational setting, we embrace the current global situation as a teachable moment.

Here is what we have been reinforcing with our staff and students.  We hope you will do the same in your own home, and in your conversations with your children:

  1. Stay away if you are sick (this applies to staff and campus visitors). Try to get a diagnosis from your doctor, who can recommend the proper amount of time to allow yourself to become non-contagious.
  2. Isolate sick students. Health services has the skill to arbitrate whether someone may be experiencing relevant symptoms, and can arrange for further diagnosis and temporary quarantine as necessary.
  3. Train and take responsibility for personal behaviors to prevent transmission:
    • Covering mouth when coughing (elbow is best)
    • Washing hands frequently
    • Avoiding sharing of beverages and utensils.
    • Disinfecting common surfaces
    • Eating well
    • Sleeping well
    • Exercise

2020欧洲杯在线投注Our Health Services team recently conducted student training within each dormitory, creating awareness of common exposure mechanisms, and the duties of each community member to use safe practices. These practices are reinforced daily in our morning meetings and throughout the day.  We have increased access to disinfecting supplies in each classroom and common areas. (wipes, sprays, non-alcoholic sanitizers), along with instructions on how they are to be used. We have increased signage in the bathrooms, common areas, and entryways. We are enforcing hand sanitizing before entering the dining hall. 

2020欧洲杯在线投注Students and staff are taking these obligations seriously and cooperating in this community effort.

As spring break approaches, we need families to be cognizant of exposure while off campus. Current CDC travel restrictions are being updated frequently, and will likely evolve in the weeks ahead. You should avoid travelling to areas where risk of exposure is high. You should be prepared to self-quarantine if you believe you have been exposed. All should be prepared to demonstrate sound health before returning to campus. The situation is quite dynamic, and will be different in three weeks than it is now.  We will continue to follow events, and keep you posted as best we can on the practices recommended by federal, state, and local health agencies.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our community safe,

Rob Hansen, Head of School

The University of Michigan Health  –

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